Hi, I'm Matt.

Some things that get me excited are: music, whales and prehistoric mammals (or any living things that are enormous), impersonations, creative expression, tolerance and curiosity, pizza night, humor, parsing JSON, and big ideas.

Some things that flatten my tires are: cruel and careless short-sighted corporate capitalism, insects that sneak up on me and mean cats, narrow-mindedness, setting up Facebook apps, and unnecess ary jargon.

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Phase One: Doris Gets Her Oats

In 2004 I graduated from Thar she blowsRochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's Degree in New Media Design and Imaging (which Shocking, I knowno longer exists). This means that I spent my college years exploring graphic design, An ancient example
(Hint: click the NEXT arrow to begin the quiz...my eye for interface design has improved since then)
, This is a dark web/digital art example.
Hooray for nightmares!
web site design and coding
, Not necessarily my strong suitcomputer graphics, photography, I thought I was soooo cool.video editing and post-production, Frame animation in Photoshopanimation, and More ancient historygame design; essentially this major was something of a toe-dipper (ask me about Macromedia Director 8), but I actually really enjoyed getting a broad-strokes education in emerging media.

For good measure, I threw in a couple of minors in Creative Writing and Literary and Cultural Studies, so that I can now truly appreciate the stellar writing and cultural significance of the quality TV shows I waste all of my free time binge-watching.

Phase Two: Set Phasers to Stun  

My first real job out of college was doing Graphic Design work for a great Trade Show company in Upstate New York. I designed all sorts of things, from This is one of our booths from the Exhibitor show. I will design fish-themed graphics all day.large-format graphics for An xpressions fabric display for OSRAM/SYLVANIA.fabric and Another display for OSRAM/SYLVANIA for the NACS show. I designed the big ol' graphics.prints to outdoor signage and I set up the vinyl for this insane jet cross-section our shop built.vehicle wraps to A mailer for the company that could be sent out with interchangeable insert cardsmailing collateral and A "March Mountain Madness" brochure for Hunter Mountain Resortbrochures. I got to work on a few An informational web site for "March Mountain Madness" with html and flash componentsweb design and flash presentations for clients, edited a 42° N videofew videos for a ski resort, helped cut and apply some vinyl, designed the Lumicore and frosted plexiglass section markers with standoffssignage for a new Custom-designed digitally-printed sintra clocklibrary, and almost made a few costly mistakes with a Cutawl.

After two and a half years of working with them in Sneaking in one more shot of the library; custom vinyl wallpaper from an old scanned mapHalfmoon, NY, I got it in my head that I needed to spend some time in New York City. I spent the better part of a year making my way down to Brooklyn via Connecticut, all the while doing freelance A law firm blog I designedweb and Some brochures for a fraternityprint design work, as well as some Interactive Flash Header and Wordpress site for a kids' hip-hop album (illustrations not by me)Flash Projects and working a couple of Stockboy and Sandwich Artist, if you must know.part-time jobs.

After some time Another lawyer site design.freelancing in Brooklyn, I got hired in 2008 as a designer at a boutiquey design firm that specialized in financial clients. While I was there, I worked on a lot of collateral design for business to business stuff, a Save those points!financial rewards catalog, and some Viewpointe B2B Introductory Mailermailers and American Express Business Travel Forecast was a big project I worked on with our Vice President.reports. I also got to do some interactive An American Express Air Canada campaign with ads, mailers, and digital materialsbanner ads and An interactive ad for our companye-cards. One of my favorite parts of that job was getting to help hire and work closely with interns which I enjoyed quite a bit. In 2008, the financial markets had some, er, Sorta like thisdifficulties. This eventually led to me being let go. I think all said and done I was there for a bit under a year.

Phase Three: Profit   

At this time I felt comfortable that I had amassed enough experience with web and multimedia through the years that I could hopefully get a job that was more directly related to that aspect of the business. In 2009 I applied for an on-site freelance position at a media company in NYC. Little did I know that I would wind up working there for five years (eventually becoming a full-time employee) and working with and learning from loads of wonderful, talented people who would become my close friends.

When I started off, I was doing a lot of email blasts and a few big Flash projects, but having been on the fringes of the industry for a while I had some catching up to do. I crammed to learn ActionScript 3 for a few early projects and created some interesting video and product-based Flash apps that ran off of xml. I learned about divs and proper css as opposed to slicing an image map into a table. (I said I had some catching up to do.) IE6 became the bane of my existence.

As a designer, I was already super comfortable in Photoshop, but now my duties were mainly development-related. As the company cut down on Flash staff, I transitioned more into updates, marketing sites, adding listings and tweaking sites, and building sweepstakes. After that came Facebook Apps, redoing entire marketing sites, setting up custom I was lead developer on this Wordpress site for an LA Kings/Alberta Canada cross promotion while at Sanborn Media Factory.Wordpress-driven sites, creating PHP endpoints, aggregating social data, working with a few interns again, busting out some I was lead developer on this LA Galaxy Social Hub while at Sanborn Media Factory.responsive development and some great- I was lead developer on both the desktop and device versions of this site while at Sanborn Media Factory.looking, I did the front-end dev for the web app while at Sanborn Media Factory.acting, and I did the front-end dev for the mobile site portion of this program while at Sanborn Media Factory.feeling mobile-web apps. Leveraging a Flash and motion graphics background, I have become somewhat obsessed with incorporating animation and interaction via jQuery and css3.

So! Last fall I decided to make another big move and come out to the West Coast. I'm continuing to do freelance for the LA contingent of the aforementioned company along with a few other clients and trying to get a feel for the area and my next steps on this insane journey called "being a human person."

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